The Marble Table Conversation

Created by The Life of a Practice Manager founder Roxanne Suwastika, The Marble Table is a podcast aimed to broaden the wider spectrum of the medical reception industry and setting the facts straight.

Together, Roxanne and medical physician Dr Magda Beshay (MBBCh. FRACGP) who has more than 20 years’ experience in the health care industry, discuss topics from pertinent public health issues and how to manage patients, to improving systems and safeguarding patient-doctor confidentiality. The Marble Table is an enjoyable podcast with valuable insights into the clinical management.

The Marble Table is also an important platform for health care and medical professionals to come to the microphone and talk with Roxanne and Dr Beshay to present their side of ‘the story’ and produce scientific-based evidence and information on a wide range of topics. In times like these, it’s vital an objective dialogue is presented to the public – information can at times be skewed with the effects social media has, and The Marble Table is the resource behind hearing, and getting, the truth.

This wide-ranging series, which aims to give new context and grapple with the issues we face today, pieces together the answers everyone is looking for. Roxanne and Dr Beshay delve into the inner workings of the health care industry and strip back the layers so that listeners get the honesty and authenticity they deserve.

The Marble Table podcast can be found on all good podcast platforms.