Partner With Us

Working together in partnership is a viable way to boost support for medical practice managers and unlock opportunities never thought possible. We believe working collectively with businesses, companies and charities is an effective way of solving challenges by providing resources and experience from like-minded networks.

We can partner with your company to find the most effective ways in achieving mutual goals, particularly if your business has an interest in promoting health. In particular, we are seeking partnerships for:

  • Mental health support for practice managers.
  • Engagement through workshops, professional development opportunities, training programs, industry certifications, coaching, mentoring and consultations.
  • Networking to expose practice managers to a wide range of industry professionals.

Join us in creating a fantastic new relationship to promote your brand within one of Australia’s largest practice management support campaigns. Together, our visions for a healthy and happy management industry will become reality when we combine as one.

For more information on partnering with us, contact:

Roxanne Suwastika