• Product Review – 5th Map

    We’ve all been there where we may have, at times, felt overwhelmed with information overload – especially when that information is coming in from all sorts of different directions. When I come across a good thing, I like to share it with my readers, because if it’s helped me improve productivity in my practice, why wouldn’t I want to?

    A Quick Overview

    As an experienced practice manager, Keith Saggers from Adelaide, South Australia found that whilst planning for accreditation against RACGP’s Standards for General Practices 5th Edition, he was unable to get himself to visualise the scope and context of it all. In particular, he couldn’t figure out where to start or how to allocate as well as track tasks.

    His problem was big. It just wasn’t clear, despite all the information in his computer, bunched into a single folder with numerous files upon files upon files, layers deep within the practice network.

    Once his practice received its certification for RACGP, he designed what is today known as the 5th Map ‘one pager’ – a poster sized hardcopy resource whereby an entire clinic can view a concise summary of all the 5th Edition modules, standards, criterions and indicators in context (that’s 3 Modules, 17 Standards, 44 Criterions and 120 Indicators from across 184 pages!). A 5th Map checklist, in the same size as the original 5th Map, comes complimentary with purchase.

    It’s worth noting that the 5th Map is formally and exclusively licensed by RACGP and is an RACGP accepted resource.

    How I Got To The 5th Map

    Originally I’d had an absolutely awful experience hiring an accreditation company when I first opened my clinic (a blog for next time!), and so following from that began to browse the internet for tips. I’d looked at all the normal accreditation websites but there was nothing which caught my eye. My practice was already accredited with AGPAL, but the information was overwhelming.

    I kept hunting online and suddenly, miraculously, came across the 5th Map website. Where has that been all my life?! I immediately contacted its creator Keith and asked to order, saying how impressed I was that a practice manager had designed such a beautiful yet simple map for accreditation. Because let’s face it – we all cringe around accreditation time.

    Once my 5th Map was delivered, I couldn’t get over my excitement, running straight over to get it laminated and bolted up to the wall. My business partner, who has been a GP for many years, absolutely loved how simple it all looked and asked why nothing like it had been done before.

    The best part was that within one week, my staff were fully aware of their tasks and we ticked them all off as we went through, sticky notes included! I felt 100% ready for accreditation!

    The Low Down On My Purchase

    Here are some of the leading reasons why I was drawn to the 5th Map:

    • It’s an A1 print out and is easily transportable; can also print A0 and A1; A2 is also possible but the text is small
    • Admin, nurses and GPs can all see clearly
    • It’s incredibly affordable, saving around $7k for some accreditation companies
    • 100% approved by AGPAL and RACGP
    • It’s designed by an experienced practice manager
    • The lay out is clear and concise
    • It can be used with sticky notes or a coloured whiteboard marker when laminated
    • Creator Keith Saggers is incredibly friendly and helpful, and is all too happy to speak with practice managers prior to ordering if you require more information

    The Pros for the 5th Map far outweigh any of the Cons too.


    • RACGP approved
    • Practice friendly with bonus Checklist map
    • Guided, trusted information
    • Arrived quickly and in brilliant condition
    • The hardcopy paper is rip-proof and waterproof
    • It comes with an extra Suggested Users Guide to assist practices to get the most out of the 5th Map product and for clinics to use them to their advantage


    • A digital version could be useful, especially with constant COVID-19 requirements
    • It may be difficult for some practices to find space on their walls
    • Would be fantastic for the 5th Map to come laminated already

    My star rating:

    ★★★★★ – The Life of a Practice Manager approved!

    *This is not a sponsored blog, with all products paid for by me and all opinions are my own.


    For more information visit www.5thmap.com.au