• The Power Of Positivity In Your Practice

    Cultivating a positive work space for your people pays incredible dividends – to your bottom line and to everyone’s mental health. It’s no surprise that employees who love their jobs and enjoy the company of their co-workers are more likely to remain loyal and help make your practice thrive. And it’s also no surprise that patients who enjoy walking into your practice (regardless if they’re unwell or not) and leaving with a lasting impression are more likely to continue making appointments.

    A positive medical practice impacts how you and your staff deal with all the everyday commitments, which in turn boosts productivity and provides a sense of trust, calm and control. So let’s take a look at some ways you can put more positivity into your work environment under 3 levels – the practice itself, patients and your staff – so you can reap the benefits that come with it!

    Within The Practice

    The physical workplace environment greatly impacts employee morale and relationships, and a patient’s state-of-mind. In the first instance, a clean, attractive practice can have significant effects on everyone, and this is just the beginning of making an impact with positivity. Ensure magazines and newspapers are continuously sanitised and put in their place, spaces are regularly dusted as well as cleaned, and just an overall cleanliness that should be in the practice’s daily routine anyway.

    Another great way to add some cheer to your practice is by including a range of leafy friends around the waiting area, reception, break room and maybe even in the doctors’ rooms if they so wish. I could go on a full explanation here on how indoor plants improve peoples’ health (they naturally filter toxins from the rooms they grow in) and clean the air, but the general idea here is that they reduce stress and make your practice more attractive – they’re a great way to transform spaces without spending a lot of money!

    We can also keep our work environment clean (both physically and psychologically) by adding crystals. Now, I know it’s not for everyone, but if you are keen on the topic, then there are a number of crystals which target the body’s energy centres (or chakras), and by balancing everyone’s centres, we create harmony for all in the same space. If it’s something you’re interested in, there’s a barrage of information all over the internet about which ones are great for office spaces!

    Last, but not least, when it comes to a positive practice, open and transparent communication between all parties and demographics must be paramount. Withholding information, thoughts, knowledge or data doesn’t ever do anyone any favours, and is the complete opposite of a positive environment – that’s when it becomes toxic.

    Keeping Patients Positive

    One of our jobs as practice managers in the medical industry is to extend empathy far beyond our patients’ medical history, signs and symptoms. It’s about providing a connection and an understanding which in return builds trust, calms anxiety and improves health outcomes. All of those outcomes become a catalyst for them remaining positive that your practice is the one to go to, especially following any friendly rapport with the staff, nurses and doctors.

    All I know is that if I walk into a practice, any welcome greeting and acknowledgement is enough to keep me feeling well taken care of.

    And don’t ever let a friendly face go astray. The wonders of a smile and gentle eye contact go an incredibly long way, especially when someone isn’t feeling all that great.

    Staff Positivity

    You know what puts me in a good mood? STATIONARY! Picture Will Ferrell’s Buddy the Elf in the Christmas movie Elf, and in that moment he screams ‘Santa!’…replace it with ‘Stationary!’

    Keeping your practice staff happy with new stationary, chairs, computers, or a gorgeous fridge in the tea room might not seem like it would make a difference, but trust me – it does. It kind of comes into the foray of ergonomics, because really…you want to keep everyone comfortable and without the immediate need or want of anything. It also makes them feel valued and appreciated; that they’re deserving of nice things – because indeed, they are!

    Earlier this month I talked about Rediscovering The Motivation In Your Staff, in which I specifically discuss ongoing communication with your staff, whether it be with one-on-one meetings or collective ones. Regular get togethers, whether formal or not, are an incredible source of information and a fantastic forum to keep everyone motivated and positive with your enthusiasm, appreciation and recognition. It’s here you can listen to exactly what everyone needs to keep them happy, and perhaps even change up the routine/roster a little bit to allow for some flexibility.

    When it comes to managing a positive work space, one of the most important things you can do is set the right tone – so set the example, and ensure a positive environment for immaculate results that will see your workers absolutely love coming into the office ever day!

    Share with me your tips on how you keep your practice positive for both patients and staff! I’d love to hear from you.