• Love Your Staff And They’ll Love You

    Honestly, where would you be without your amazing staff?! As an experienced practice manager, I feel like I have a great grasp on things, but without my team I’d falter, burn out, and the medical practice wouldn’t be the success it is today. No one likes to feel like they’re nothing more than a cog in a wheel, so I make sure I demonstrate appreciation for them frequently – weaving it into the fabric of our clinic’s culture.

    When it comes to professional happiness, one universal element holds steadfast and true – the fundamental need to feel appreciated and valued. It’s crucial to fostering positive relationships, with gratitude having profound and positive effects on our health.

    So how can you show appreciation and gratitude for your practice staff in a way that feels authentic and genuine? We’re going to look at some different ways you can show love to your staff that I’ve found have been successful in my clinic.

    Cultivating Appreciation

    We’ll start at the beginning with suggestions on how to show our team members we truly do appreciate the work they do. For starters, it’s hard to say no to office perks like healthy snacks in the break room, covering parking or transit costs, and special lunches or happy hours. Other ideas include identifying milestones or wins by giving gift cards, offering a day off, a monthly or quarterly trophy for accomplishments, and career based rewards like online or leadership training.


    As a medical practice manager, motivating your staff should be one of your top priorities. When we’re properly motivated, there’s almost nothing we can’t do, and you can create a work environment in which your staff choose to be positive and enthusiastic. Motivation is the most important emotion that brings people to work, and you can make or break someone’s day with your attitude.

    The Power of Communication

    All relationships in life require clear communication, and it’s the same at your practice. But it’s more than just what comes out of our mouths – it’s also about body language and eye contact, the tone we use in our words, and the facial expressions that come with language. All these things, along with a smile and relaxed demeanour often reveals an open mind and someone who values what the other person has to say.

    Equality Amongst Staff

    Everyone deserves fair treatment, and when there is a culture of equality at your practice, it sets up an advantageous environment for everyone. Practice managers recognise that equality amongst team members encourages staff retention, because a person who believes in a bright future within their job wants to stay and claim it.

    Be Approachable

    In the grand scheme of things, have you considered asking yourself exactly how approachable you are? Staff who have approachable practice managers feel like they can contribute ideas and work in a safe environment to do so. They’re not at all scared about being knocked back because they know their practice manager will consider everything fairly. Being approachable also means discretion and maintaining confidentiality – no gossip!

    A Comfortable, Safe Place

    As a practice manager, it is possible you may have your own office space, so offer your staff a safe place to come and talk to you if they are having an issue. We all know there are days where staff come in affected by something happening at home, and when they’re emotionally charged it can be difficult to inspire them to put on a happy face. Sadly, even if you believe you have an open-door policy for your team, the reality is that no matter how transparent and open you are as a practice manager, many people are more likely to keep mum. The best you can do is always offer yourself as a good ear, and to be sympathetic to everyone’s needs.

    From ‘Job’ To Career

    This is one of my absolute favourite ways of showing my practice staff how much I appreciate them and their hard work. I love, love, love supporting their professional advancements, and helping them go from just an ‘every day job’ to a career at the practice is always something I’m proud of. I want my staff to enjoy coming in to work, feeling financially secure, and seeing themselves as a long term employee of the clinic. Yes, you’re dangling the proverbial carrot of spending extra money on continued learning (courses, seminars, webinars) but your staff will feel trusted and respected for their work, and take notice that you want them to stay on.

    In the end, staff who feel the love perform better. It’s as simple as that. You’re all spending, on average, about 40 hours a week at the practice – don’t you want them to feel your love, and in return have them love being at work with you? Go above and beyond for them. It will make all the difference.



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