• Product Review – Cubiko

    No spreadsheets to manually fill, no uploads, no extra work – does that sound like something that might grab your attention? I didn’t think anything of it at the time, but this new practice intelligence platform called Cubiko has been a godsend to my clinic, and I feel so strongly about it that I wanted to share my thoughts on it!

    A Quick Overview

    An Australian company founded by Chris Smeed, Cubiko was born after 7 years of running his own practice. Today, it offers a range of metrics that help you manage your business and care for your patients, and has been designed to distill all the ‘noise’ and all the confusion to help make running your practice easier.

    In simple terms, Cubiko takes data from practice management systems and brings it altogether in easy-to-understand dashboards and metrics available on desktop and mobile. Those management systems include Best Practice (practice management system), Xero (accounting), Tanda (HR and rostering) and the MBS scheme. This is a data system that takes away the Excel Spreadsheets, manual tracking, and the manual running of monthly reports plus so much more.

    My Cubiko Discovery

    I will say this – I didn’t go looking for Cubiko; it found me! And I’m so glad it did.

    It just so happened that I was sitting on Best Practice (our chosen medical software) scrolling through some of the features when I saw a light blue rounded sign titled ‘Cubiko’. Clicking on it, I was offered a free demo and not really thinking much of it, I signed up.

    The next day, an email popped up from Cubiko’s operations manager, Adam Maher, with an installation process and I have to admit, it did take me a month or so to get back in touch with him, but hey – that’s the practice manager life! Finally, we booked a Zoom call for Adam to show me the ropes, and I was taken through the process step-by-step.

    Adam was absolutely delightful. He was a PM before having any experience in general practice, and he made the Cubiko platform come to life with his easy going nature and clear speech. I was seriously sold in about 4 minutes! He didn’t push anything on me and he was incredibly respectful; knowing Adam knew what it was like to be a PM and how to save the practice money, make money and initiative further patient care, it was amazing to see an operations manager not just sell their product, but actually care about my business.

    Through my chat with Adam, I learned that Cubiko brings together more than 500 data points (yay!) and is a system that helps practices spot trends when it comes to reports of the financial kind, including being a strong asset when it comes to making evidence-based decisions about where change within the clinic needs to occur.

    Why Did I Take The Full Package?

    In a simple explanation, it was because:

    • It was user friendly
    • It will bring more income to the practice
    • It’s an investment to patient care
    • My practice information is private
    • I can access more features of their products
    • It’s reassurance of full customer service
    • The costings pay for themselves with the help of Cubiko’s metrics

    Programming everything a clinic needs is easier when there is a platform in place; all those structures that I use to run my practice are now built within the same technical framework, and in my honest opinion, Cubiko is so streamlined and user friendly that it’s my number 1 go to.

    What also got me over the line was the fact that not every aspect of Cubiko needs to be given to your staff – you can restrict access to certain data, and that’s fantastic in itself.

    Some of the metrics on the Cubiko dashboard include Clinical Insights (total billings, bulk billing percentage, diary wait time and total unique patients), Clinic Optimisation, Financial Insights and HR Insights, as well as reviews of a previous week’s billings, how many new patients you might have had in the last week, and what your doctor hours per nurse hours in the coming week will be.

    The Pros And The Cons

    Some of the amazing pros I’ve taken away from using my Cubiko platform are that it’s Australian cloud-based, there are 3 platforms to fit your budget, and there is respected industry partner support.

    Other pros for Cubiko include:

    • It’s an excellent setup system for not only new clinics, but existing ones and those with multiple practices
    • It’s built for general practice, but is user friendly for all levels of practice staff with the option of each individual having certain restrictions or access to any particular data
    • Users can be set up through their practice emails
    • It has a strict privacy policy
    • Termination of the platform is easy, with all data removed and destroyed

    There were a couple cons, but not so many to make the platform unusable.

    • Already paying a sub from Best Practice; it would be great to see their full product as part of the Best Practice Sub
    • Printing data was, personally, a bit of an annoyance because it all turned straight to Excel so it would be great to see how I can customise it differently
    • There was the slight issue of not being able to access Cubiko through Best Practice on some of my other clinic’s computers

    The Overview

    I absolutely love that Cubiko separates the logic functions of all my applications and puts them all into the one platform, especially because it can be used as evidence to back-up any potential changes I want to make to my practice.

    It’s not a fully automated process but one of the most amazing things is that it enhances your processes, and as a customer I get full access to all of Cubiko’s resources, including webinars and ‘coffee and cake’ with operations managers.

    The platform has truly helped me run my practice more smoothly, and I’d love to hear from all of you – have you given Cubiko a go? What systems are you using? Are they integrated into a platform or are you using everything as a separate entity?

    My star rating:

    ★★★★★ – The Life of a Practice Manager approved!

    *This is not a sponsored blog, with all products paid for by me and all opinions are my own.