• Welcome to 2022!

    Welcome To 2022!

    Fair call, it’s February – but such is the life of a PM! It’s taken me a while to pen this, mostly because I wanted to get it right and make sure that the message to all of you rings true with the right words.

    For the past two years, Covid has been nothing but like a bad smell we can’t get rid of. We’ve had to learn to adapt to the ‘new normal’ and accept the fact that it’s here to stay for the long term. So acknowledging that and putting it aside, our mental strength is what is going to get us through it all, and there are so many other important factors in our lives we need to take charge of.

    Our new year’s resolutions have come and gone – they came short lived, as many resolutions with good intentions do, and I still find myself asking the same questions. With no answers.

    So here, in my welcome to 2022 message, is my list of ‘answers’…well, not really answers per say. More like things in my life that I need to achieve this year that are achievable. They’re quite broad, and while writing them down I realised how adaptable they are for everyone else.

    So let’s this make this our year!

    Mental Health

    When it comes to self-care and self-love, give your mental health and wellbeing a priority. Ways to get started include getting sleep and rest, taking time out for things you enjoy, being active, setting realistic goals, and learning how to manage stress.

    You Are What You Eat

    Good food influences your mental wellbeing. Our brains need nutritious foods full of vitamins, minerals, healthy fats and fiber because all of it plays a vital role in brain health and function.

    Break The Monotony!

    Break up the biorhythm and any routines by jolting yourself intellectually, emotionally and physically. There’s a saying I love – Break Out Of Your Comfort Zone And Scare Yourself A Bit. Now, I’m not saying to go skydiving or base jumping (unless that’s your jam!), but if you put yourself out there to try something new, you just might discover a favourite hobby or interest. You’ll meet new people, and you’ll learn more about yourself.

    Stay Calm And Keep Positive

    Thinking optimistically and positively, your mind becomes clear of negative thoughts and you’ll start seeing the world in a new light. You’ll begin taking control of your emotions and seeking a valuable lesson in every setback you might experience. With positivity comes happiness, self-confidence, a stronger immune system and better focus.

    Be A Happy Little Vegemite

    I’ve learned that happy people accomplish more in life. And no, it’s not easier said than done – because changes can be easy! Smiling, exercising for a minimum of 10 minutes, sleeping or napping, spending more time with friends and family, spending time out in nature, helping animals or other people, meditating, and practicing gratitude are all ways that can make happiness more in-reach.

    Stop Saying Yes

    Why is it so difficult to say ‘no’?! And it got me thinking…a lot of it has to do with rejection. So many people feel they would disappoint someone, cause anger, hurt feelings, or appear unkind or rude. But saying no doesn’t mean any of those things; you have a right to say it, and should not be afraid of letting other people down at the cost of your own happiness.


    I’d love to hear what goals you’ve set yourself this year, whether they be any from my list above or ones that you’ve set yourself!