• Welcome to the life of a Busy Practice Manager

    Have you ever felt uncertain or just simply have a barrage of questions when it comes to things like personal support, inspiration, or your career in the medical practice world?

    These days absolutely everything is at our fingertips, right? If you want to try your hand at a new recipe for dinner, you can find that anywhere on the internet. Looking for a new way to decorate your bedroom? The internet’s got you covered for that, too.

    But what about your niche career? You’re here because you’re a medical practice manager or business owner, and let’s be honest about it – I haven’t come across anything that might resemble a women’s/men’s health and lifestyle blog or website that can guide me in a positive direction when it comes to my practice management career and lifestyle. And I’ll just flat out say it – it’s stressful, it’s tough at times, and there are some long hours involved, but it’s also a meaningful career that makes a difference to a lot of people, and it’s incredibly rewarding.

    I hear you, I know exactly what it’s like.

    I’m a proud mother, wife and business owner living my dream job as a Practice Manager,and have been for quite a few years. As a professional woman, I understand the ‘ins and outs’ of what life is like for us, and more importantly, I completely get what it’s like to come home at the end of the day only to bowl my way through the family with one goal in mind – the wine cabinet.

    With that being said, this space – this amazing space I’ve put together especially for you – is all about empowering and supporting one another. You’ll find behind-the-scenes tips on how to unwind, decompress, and enhance your health and wellbeing both personally and professionally; tricks of the trade on how to balance work life and home life so that you can make the best of both worlds work for you, and how to deal with a variety of other issues that may impact you.

    In the end, I could bore you with the ‘finer details’ of what it takes to be a great practice manager – we will cover things like strategic planning, governance, risk management, blah blah blah. But Life of a Practice Manager isn’t about re-learning your job. You know your job.

    Here will be a world of things that have worked for me, and things that haven’t worked for me; the idea is to share what knowledge I’ve gained, and I’m incredibly passionate to do that. Our healthcare professionals, our doctors, rely on us the most to be key drivers in making improvements for the practice and for our patients, and what better way to do that than with a supportive online site!

    So whether you’re looking for advice on how to wind down at the end of a long day, deal with an irate patient who’s just pulled on your last string, or you just want to know what’s in my desk drawer, Life of a Practice Manager is a space you’ll get all that and more! Here you’ll find tips for everything you need for a smoothly-run practice, including planning, and most importantly, how to take care of yourself.



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